Welcome to Kirrawee Natural Care Clinic.

Dr Julie Day, Chiropractor, with son, Caleb

Introducing Dr Julie Day, Chiropractor. 

I have always been fascinated with how the body works, and wanting to help people live healthier lives. Chiropractic is the perfect fit for these two things. I studied my Bachelor and Masters of Chiropractic at Macquarie University. Shortly after finishing uni, we had our first son, Joshua. His birth wasn’t the lovely natural birth we had hoped for. There was more intervention than I would have liked. This led me to further study on pregnancy and paediatric chiropractic. I studied my certificate in chiropractic pediatrics through ICPA , which includes Webster technique – a technique specifically designed for pregnant women to allow for proper alignment of the spine and pelvis. Since doing that, I have had the pleasure of adjusting and working with many pregnant women, helping them to have the birth they want. I had regular adjustments through-out my second pregnancy, and was very comfortable. We had a safe, natural homebirth.

I use a number of specific, gentle chiropractic techniques including Torque Release Technique, Applied Kinesiology and Neuro Impulse Protocol. I use these on babies, children and adults. I am also a certified GAPS practitioner.